About 100% College Prep Institute

100% College preparatory is a program in San Francisco's Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood. We make the dream of a college education achievable for all children. Through our various programs such as Brothers and Sisters Making Change, Black Student Unions, Jump Start to College and Step to College.

Our History


.➡ Cousins Jacqueline "Jackie" Cohen and Diane Gray started and created 100% College Prep Institution Nonprofit organization. They'd volunteered at a neighborhood community center in the Bayview-Hunters Point and soon discovered the poor academic performance of a large number of African-American youth. Struggling both academically and socially, these young people had very limited opportunities to attain any postsecondary education. Jackie and Diane worked with San Francisco Educational Services to create an after-school academic support program. Diane had a tradition of making “100%” necklaces for young family members as a reminder to them to always give 100%, so it seemed like a natural fit to name the program 100% College Prep. Jackie and Diane focused on supporting youth with average grades to achieve academic excellence. They arranged for university students to provide tutoring in math, science, foreign languages, and English, and offered monthly academic workshops and advising services, operating on a shoestring budget with the help of a team of dedicated volunteers. The first five students graduated in 2001 and were all accepted into 4-year postsecondary institutions.


➡ The first (5) students graduated and were all admitted into 4-year postsecondary institutions.

➡ 100%. College Prep was invited to share its space, a historic three-story Victorian house at 1201 Mendell Street with The Bayview Community Collaborative


➡ 100% College Prep registered as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization under the name Bayview Association for Youth. We currently reach 400 students a year with college access services, and boast more than 120 alumni who have earned undergraduate and graduate degrees.


➡ The Bayview Community Collaborative donated the entire building to 100% College Prep, and a team of volunteer contractors and parents raised money for materials and helped convert the space into a college resource center with computers, an extensive college resource library, classroom spaces, and an operations office.


➡ 20 Seniors graduated High school 

➡ Class of 2020 earned $645,000 in Scholarships

➡ 1 Senior received a Full Scholarship to Southern University

➡ Launched Virtual Learning Program at the Peak of the Covid Pandemic   


➡ 30 students earned 6 college transferable units to college from San Francisco state University Step to College Program.

➡ Class of 2021 earned $1.6 million in scholarships together during the pandemic and they all came together June 5, 2021 "Mask On" to celebrate each other and thank the community they came from.


➡ Class of 2022 earned over 900K in Scholarships

➡ 20 Students earned 6 college transferable units to college from San Francisco state University Step to College Program

➡ A new Program called "Get Through College" was established and designed to assist and serve Black students from San Francisco while in college.

100% College Prep is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit recognized by the IRS.

EIN: 68-0600675

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1201 Mendell Street

San Francisco, CA 941241201

Phone: (415) 550-9455

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