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Our Mission

Our goal is to show you the simplest way to navigate through college so that you can properly prepare yourself and prevent poor performance.

Our Goals

Our mission is to beat college and scholarships deadlines by supporting and assisting you the best way we can as your College Coach. To ensure you have the opportunity, passion and purpose to pursue college.

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"You Need Proof?"

Our Services

Our Program

In our program, 11th and 12th graders have the ability to earn college credits in our Step to College Program with San Francisco State University.

We amplify students essays, writing ability, and critical thinking skills. We assist in resume building, leadership development, and professionalism too.

We ensure that all students are 100% ready to be on a collegiate level before they leave high school. 

During our time together we will focus on your goals and road map to college. 

Together we will work on scholarships and make sure that college is affordable for you and your family. As a group, we will hold monthly workshops for financial aid, college admissions, and time management. 

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